Important information


Do not wear jewelry during sleep, during bathing, during dish washing, or during any activity where they may come in contact with water, detergents, chlorine or other chemicals. 

We also recommend that you avoid applying cosmetics (perfume, deodorant, cosmetic creams, makeup products) on jewelry.

Stones, crystals or jewelry applications can be torn apart, damaged, scratched, etc. if used in these conditions. 

The material from which they are made, 925 silver (sterling silver), is an alloy of pure silver and several other elements that give a higher hardness to the precious metal. However, it can be scratched or damaged if it is subjected to improper treatment. 

Silver is a metal that, in contact with air, oxidizes (blackens). This is a natural property of silver and cannot be considered a defect. 

The silver jewelry must be cleaned with a soft cloth, especially made for that purpose.


This warranty only includes the fact that the purchased jewelry is made of 925 silver and is certified and marked by National Authority for Consumer Protection in Romania.

We offer our customers a 30-day commercial warranty from the purchase date of the product, for deficiencies not attributable to the customer.

This warranty does not cover damage to jewelry due to non-compliance with recommendations, accidents, carelessness, negligence, misuse or other factors unrelated to defects in material or workmanship.

According to Romanian  Law 449/2003, art.11 paragraph 2, the buyer cannot request the replacement of the jewelry due to the fall of the stones.

Any repair of the products within the warranty period will be carried out free of charge or the product will be replaced under the conditions of the revised Government Ordinance no. 21/1992, if it is confirmed that a defect in material or workmanship was the cause of the damage, rather than improper use of jewelry by the customer.

The remedy will be made within 15 days from the date of receipt of the jewelry by our company.

In case of replacement, we cannot guarantee that the same model is still available. In this case, the customer can choose a similar model or an object with an equivalent value (within the limit of available stock) or we can reimburse the client with the respective amount.

Each product is accompanied by a warranty certificate via email.

Declaration of conformity

SC AERO VAPEZ SRL, headquartered in Bucharest, 77 Natației Street, sector 1, J40 / 11600/2013, RO 32260211, ANPC authorization for carrying out operations with precious metals and precious stones no. 10995, ensures, guarantees and declares on its own responsibility, according to the provisions of art. 5 of GD 1022/2002 on the regime of products and services that may endanger life, health, occupational safety and environmental protection, that silver jewelry imported and marketed by our company, do not endanger life, health, occupational safety, do not produce negative impact on the environment and are in line with EU rules.

The silver jewelry sold by our company is verified and certified by the National Authority for Consumer Protection in Romania (ANPC) , has a purity of 92.5% and bears the mark of the National Authority for Consumer Protection in Romania - Metals and Precious Stones Direction, that guarantees the quality of the precious metal used.

To consider: 

All jewelry sold on our website are presented so that the customer can see all their peculiarities. However, the differences that may occur from the photos are due to the particular settings of each device.

The natural stones used for some of the jewelry may have imperfections, differences in shades or texture. This is their natural appearance and what gives them uniqueness and cannot be considered a defect.

Some of the jewels presented on our website are handmade from semiprecious stones and therefore are unique due to the peculiarities of these stones. They can be duplicated within the available stock of raw materials but given that the stones are natural, there will be differences in color and size between them and the model in the photo.